Strategic Wealth

Sleep well knowing every facet of your financial life is covered. The value we bring to our clients goes well beyond choosing and managing the right investments. We can look into every aspect of your financial picture – from insurance, to trusts, taxes, business valuations and more. We study all forms of risk in your portfolio – and then help you discover more ways to make the most of your money and your life.

A major focus of the work we do is to help our clients to intelligently preserve, manage and grow their wealth, so they can stop worrying about money and focus on their family and the important things in their lives. We can help to accomplish that goal by adopting conservative, low risk, tax effective strategies where appropriate.

Our services generally fall into the following five categories.

1) Helping clients to make smarter decisions with their money

2) Mitigating taxes

3) Taking care of heirs

4) Protecting wealth

5) Charitable planning


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